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Music at TCA


Our music program has many different options for student involvement!

In Kindergarten thru fifth grade, students have a general music class each week. During this, students sing, dance, move, and play instruments! They learn to read rhythms and musical notation, and perform with their voices and on instruments! Learning through movement and play is the focus in the lower grades, so that students can experience the musical skills before transferring them to written notation.

TCA also offers a comprehensive band program! We start students on instruments in 4th or 5th grade (every other year) and they can continue to learn and grow through middle and high school! This is again an elective class, but we encourage students to give it a try for at least one year.

In middle and high school, we offer Fine Arts and Music Appreciation classes to continue musical learning. We focus on applying the skills they learned in the lower grades and getting to know about the history of music, theater, and the arts

Students singing on stage at concert

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