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High School Graduation Requirements

Grades 9-12 require a certain amount of class credits to work toward the graduating requirements.

TCA minimum graduation requirements is 24 credits and include the following:

4 credits Bible

4 credits English/Language Arts

3 credits Math

3 credits Science

3 credits Social Studies

2 credits Humanities (foreign language, fine arts, etc.)

2 credits Electives

1 credit Computer

1 credit Health

1 credit Physical Education (PA requires 0.25 credits per year x 4 years)

The goal of education is not to meet the minimum number of credits to graduate.  We advise students to take a challenging course load in order to receive the best possible high school education in order to prepare them for post-secondary education.

While a foreign language is not a graduation requirement, it is strongly recommended for college bound students as most colleges and universities require two credits for admission.


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